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. Add a riddle at the end of each note about where to find ▓the next note. At the last note, have something special waiting there, say ▓a teddy bear or

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other toy or treat. Make sure tha▓t you hide the notes when none of t▓he little ones are watching, or else all the fun is going to be spoiled.

Touch livesSaint Valentine gave up his life to be of some assistance to his countrymen. Relax, we a▓re not advicing you to do the same. But Valen

tine's▓ Day can be a splendid opportunity ▓for you to touch the life of someone else and see if you can help that person in some way. You can

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visit a nearby hospital or chronic care home to hand o▓ver small Valentine gifts to the patients admitted in there; especially those who do not▓ have many visitors or have none to call of their own. Your pres

ence will fill them with a sense of belonging to the community and provide them ▓with some much needed emotional boost. Make sure to call the hospitals or nursing homes beforehand to arrange for▓ your visit. Else, your noble intentions can be misinterpreted and can land you in unpleasant circumstances. ▓Two

more food samples tested positive for melamine ▓in Hong KongPremier Li calls for efforts to improve people's wellbeingPremier Li calls for efforts to improve people's wellbeingPremier Li calls for efforts to ▓improve people's wellbeing02-03-2019 09:09 BJTBEIJING, Fe▓b. 2 (Xinhua) --

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Premier Li Keqiang has called for efforts to deepen reform and opening-up, ad

vance economic and social development, and improve people's wellbeing.During his ins▓pection tour of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from Friday to Saturday, Li, also

a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the▓ Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, visited pover

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ty-stricken rural hous▓eholds in the city of Ulanqab.Li asked relevant departments to make research on promoting potato planti▓ng as part

of efforts on eliminating▓ poverty through agricultural development.When visiting a farmers' market, Li learned about the price and sales of beef and mutton. He said m

ore efforts should be made to increase▓ residents' income to make them more willing to spen